Crowman, by katie holly

Kenny is brilliant in the role”

— The Irish Examiner

“Crowman” is Dan Lonergan’s account of the hilarious characters that inhabit his life on a daily basis and a love story that never was. 

By turns poignant and comic Kenny carries the audience on a roller-coaster ride from his childhood to middle-age, from the hurling pitch to the pub and from one uproariously funny character to the other. 

It is about lost love and the sense of belonging and not belonging to a small community. Most of all it is about the humanity and decency of the local characters found in every rural village and town in Ireland. 

As Dan himself surmises ‘ Some people never had the dance that I had and some people never hear the music’.

upcoming tour dates 2020

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Olympia Theatre

September 2019

Photo by Aoife Brennan

Lighting Plan- Crowman